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How to Stop Glasses from Fogging Up in the Cold?

how to avoid glasses from fogging up in cold

Article By: Gaurav Dhakal

Winters can be problematic for those who use glasses, especially when they have to deal with foggy lenses. Wearing a mask, neck warmer, and woolen muffler to warm up in winter can be irritating despite the benefits. So, if you’re looking for how to stop glasses from fogging up in the cold, then continue reading this article. 

Fogging can impair vision and reduce the efficiency of a task, which is frustrating. Even minor day-to-day activities like drinking a cup of coffee or hot water can fog up your glasses. So, anti-fog for glasses comes in handy to stop glasses from fogging up. 

You can stop glasses from fogging by taking a few specific actions. This article will aware you of homemade remedies to stop glasses from fogging in winter. 

Why Do Glasses Get Foggy?

Before you look for how to stop glasses from fogging up in the cold and try avoiding foggy glasses, it is vital to understand why it occurs. The quick explanation is that condensation causes glasses to fog up.

When chilly glasses come into touch with much warmer air, such as that from your breath, the moisture in the air condenses into water droplets, which fog up your lenses.

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How to Stop Glasses From Fogging Up in the Cold? 

To keep your glasses from fogging up, you must prevent air condensation on the lenses. You can do a variety of things, like:

1. Protect Your Glasses

The amount of water droplets that accumulate on your lenses and produce fogging is increased by smudges and scratches. Be gentle when handling your eyewear to prevent damage, and be sure to clean the lenses regularly. 

Always rinse your glasses in warm water or with a lens cleaning solution before wiping them with a microfiber tower. The chance of dirt scratching your glasses increases if you drag the cloth across a dry surface.

2. Use a Nose Clip

If you frequently experience eyeglass fogging while wearing a face mask, this is likely that the face covering isn’t fitting your face perfectly. Buying a changeable nose clip is one way to deal with this problem. 

Once your mask is on, you place the nose clip on the bridge of your nose, pinch it to secure it, and keep your cover in place. Your lenses won’t expose to condensation if you wear a mask that fits neatly.

3. Allow Air Flow

When glasses are too close to the face, condensation forms around the lenses, where heat and moisture are trapped. When you go outside, push your spectacles further down your nose to increase airflow around them. 

Choose a new pair of frames that sit farther away from your face if doing so causes discomfort or makes it more difficult for you to see.

4. Use Anti-Fog Products

Wipes and sprays in the anti-fog market reduce the surface tension of water on your lenses. This removes the condensed hard-to-see water droplets on your lenses and leaves an even film of moisture.

Watch This Video For More Tricks To Avoid Glasses Fogging Up:

Does Anti-Fog for Glasses Work?

Anti-fog for glasses is something you should consider if you’re looking for how to stop glasses from fogging up in the cold. But does it actually work with a woolen neck warmer wrapped around you to keep you warm? 

Well, the anti-fog for glasses is to repel moisture from your lenses and keep them from steaming up so that they can create a hydrophobic coating on the lenses. This coating keeps condensation and moisture away. 

Anti-fog for glasses is also safe and effective to use, as per research done during the pandemic that tested anti-fog usage on glasses in hospital settings. 

Will Anti-Fog Spray Damage My Glasses?

The substance used to make different anti-fog sprays varies accordingly. The ingredients in some anti-fog spray formulations may degrade, discolour, or damage some lenses. So, make sure to read the product description to know things sprayed in your glasses are safe. 

Also, you must avoid using anti-fog sprays made to clean plastic instead of lenses. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth while rubbing the glasses as well.

How to Make Glasses Anti-Fog at Home?

If anti-fog sprays are out of reach at the moment, the easy and home remedies mentioned below to stop glasses from fogging up will help you. 

1. Use Soap to Clean Your Glasses

A protective barrier is formed on your lenses when washed using soap or washing solutions. It will also prevent condensation, making your glasses anti-fog. 

After washing the lenses, a few soap molecules will still be present in your glasses, creating a transparent layer that can prevent fogging. 

2. Use Rubbing Alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol to make your glasses anti-fog. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Collect a spray bottle and pour a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol.
  • Finish by adding a drop of dish soap.
  • Spray the solution on the lenses after shaking the bottle, then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth.

3. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is an efficient way to remove dirt and anti-fog coating from your glasses. Anti-fog sprays can be bought on the market, but using vinegar is a much less expensive and equally effective solution.

Place one-third cup of warm distilled water in a spray bottle, then fill the remaining space with vinegar. Spray the solution on the lenses and use a microfiber towel to pat them dry. 

4. Use Witch Hazel

 If you don’t have alcohol on hand, using witch hazel is a wonderful substitute.

Put two drops of Dawn dish soap in a spray container together with a half cup of distilled water and a half cup of witch hazel. Spray the solution on the lenses and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth.

Tips To Avoid Foggy Glasses in Snow/Skiing 

Now after finding out tips to avoid foggy glasses while doing daily activities, let’s move on to avoid foggy glasses when it’s snowing outside. 

If you frequently remove and reapply your ski goggles, you considerably increase the risk of condensation. Similarly, it produces more heat and moisture if you prefer to pull your goggles up your head when you’re not skiing. 

When you put your glasses back over your eyes, the wind will drag moisture inside and cause fogging. Know that wearing tight ski goggles will induce condensation, and your screen will be covered in annoying droplets.

To minimize too much of a hot-cold difference when putting on your ski goggles, avoid storing them in places where the temperature is normally low, such as an attic, cellar, or trunk. Instead, keep your mask or goggles in a heated room with the rest of your ski gear. 

Many skiers gear themselves with a neck warmer or balaclava in order to protect themselves from the cold. This is a good way to keep yourself warm but can make your face fog up.

Avoid blocking the airflow of the goggles if you prefer to wear a ski mask instead of glasses. Your screen will fog up if the air does not circulate adequately and is not discharged as it should be.


There you have it, all the tips and tricks to answer how to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a neck warmer, woolen mufflers, or any face covering this winter. All you need to do is be careful that condensation doesn’t occur while wearing glasses. You can also use homemade anti-fog DIYs or buy a new anti-fog product to keep you from fogging your glasses.

Whether you’re into daily activities or skiing, this article talked about the advice you need to stop glasses from fogging up. 

Please share it with your family and friends, and keep yourself warm this winter with woolen items from Woolmandu

Winter is waiting for you!

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How to Wear Leg Warmers? (5 Stylish Ways)

In the freezing cold of winter, you must make your legs warm. You might have experienced your legs becoming numb after a while in the cold. To solve this problem, leg warmers are available in the market, which help to keep your legs warm in the winter. But how to wear leg warmers so that it keeps your legs warm and also looks good?

Leg warmers are clothing just like leggings to keep your lower legs warm. It was a stylish winter accessory trending in the 80s, but it is still not out of style. You can use these leg warmers to keep your legs warm and look good. 

In this article today, we are going to show you a guide on how to wear leg warmers creatively. 

So, let’s begin. 

Leg Warmers: The Perfect Clothing For Your Legs

Leg warmers were a stylish winter accessory in the 80s, but their style and craze are still not gone. It is still in fashion, especially in the winter, it sells like a hot cake. The dancers typically wore the leg warmers during rehearsals in winter. It helped them keep their legs warm as they had to wear fancy dresses that couldn’t cover their legs otherwise. 

But eventually, it also became a stylish winter accessory. It is a stylish, comfortable, warm winter accessory that adds some spice to your winter look. In the fashion world, all you need is some clothes and creativity. 

So, let us help you with some tips on how to wear leg warmers to pull off a great look and proper warmth in the winter.

5 Ways to Wear Leg Warmers 

1. Leg Warmers With a Skirt

Skirts are the best choice to pair up with leg warmers. If you are insecure wearing leg warmers and overthinking that it won’t look good, then just stop. Do not worry, and wear leg warmers with full confidence. 

You just need to pair the colour and design, and it will look too good. If you are a fan of skirts and have difficulty saying goodbye to your favourite skirt even in winter, leg warmers can be a lifesaver in the cold.

2. Leg Warmers With Heels

You can also pull up leg warmers with heels. If you want to wear a beautiful dress with heels but also fear the cold breeze outside, the leg warmers will be there for your rescue. 

But before you style leg warmers with heels, make sure your heels meet the criteria. Preferably, they should be dull (dark) colours like black, brown, grey, or maroon. 

Also, the heels should not be too shiny and glossy. If your heels are glossy and you decide to wear them with leg warmers, that is now a horrible idea. The combination goes insanely out of order and doesn’t look that great. So, keep that in mind.

3. Leg Warmers With Sneakers

Leg warmers also go pretty well in your casual look with sneakers. Yes, the sneakers look super cool on the leg warmer. It adds a stylish look to your daily and casual outfit while providing warmth.

4. Leg Warmers With Ankle Boots

If any of your dresses are not going well with your ankle boots and you regret buying them, then leg warmers are what you need. Adding these comfy and warm leg warmers to your attire with ankle boots works like a charm. So, no more unused new clothes. 

5. Leg Warmers With Calf-High Boots

When the leg warmers peek out above 2-6 inches from your calf-high boots, it brings a totally different look. You do not need to worry about the type of dress you wear; just ensure that the dress’s colour matches your leg warmers with calf-high boots. You are suggested to style a darker theme. Woolen or jeans fabric works like a charm.

So, these are some tips on how to wear a perfect leg-warmer outfit. You must have now understood how to wear leg warmers properly. 

Now, if you are wondering where to get some leg warmers, we have also mentioned that. 

Find the details below. 

Watch This Video For More Tips To Wear Leg Warmers:

Where to Buy the Best Leg Warmers?

Leg warmers are widely available in the various offline markets in Nepal. You can get various clothing items in the market at various prices, but the main problem is the crowd and your precious time. 

Considering your budget and time, you can get various clothing items at Woolmandu at the best quality and affordable prices.

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Why Woolmandu Leg Warmers?

Woolmandu is an online clothing store where you can get various woolen clothing items at low prices and high quality. 

The following are the advantages of buying leg warmers at Woolmandu:

  • If you are quite tight in your budget, then you can get your required items at an affordable price at Woolmandu.
  • Buying at woolmandu is much more reliable and less time-consuming than roaming around the market full of crowds.
  • You can get clothing items of the best quality at Woolmandu.
  • Woolmandu products are made with 100% pure wool.
  • They are made in Nepal, so you will be supporting local businesses. 
  • They are exported to several countries, so you can get woolen items anywhere in the world. 

Final Words 

To conclude, leg warmers are the pieces of clothing for winter that help in keeping our lower legs warm. If you bought leg warmers but are confused about how to wear leg warmers so that it goes quite well with your looks, then you must try the tips mentioned above. 

These tips will help you look good and step out of your home with more confidence and warm leg warmers. 

Also, if you are looking for good quality leg warmers at low prices, visit Woolmandu

We hope you liked this article about leg warmers. 

Do leave comments if you have any queries. 

Thanks for reading!

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How to Style a Wool Neck Warmer? (17 Ways)

Article By: Gaurav Dhakal

With winter at full intensity, so is the need for warm clothes and accessories. The neck is one of the most vulnerable organs to catch a cold, so it is very important to protect it from the freezing breeze of winter. And neck warmers are one of the popular accessories used to warm necks. But how to style a wool neck warmer? Any ideas? 

To put it in simple words, a neck warmer is a piece of clothing worn around the neck for warmth. You might already have heard about it if you are a hiking fanatic, cyclist, or used it in the winter. 

People also refer to them as tube scarves. These elasticated tube-like materials are very versatile to the extent that they are even used during expeditions and sports. 

The neck warmers bear some moisture-absorbing quality, making them even more helpful, and their fast drying property is also very handy. Also, it is very light and comfortable.

So, in this article, we will discuss neck warmers in detail and also learn how to style a wool neck warmer.

How to Wear a Neck Warmer?

There are endless ways to wear a neck warmer, and each looks more stylish. Not only it has multiple uses, but it also adds a stylish flair to your look. These clothing are beneficiary for all age groups, from children to the elderly. 

To buy a neck warmer, you must know how to wear it and stand out from the crowd. So, how to wear a neck warmer? 

To be precise and honest, there are no wrong ways of wearing a neck warmer. But there are certain ways of using it to its full potential and styling it uniquely from the crowd. 

Let’s check them out.

1. As a Neck Warmer

You must be surprised that a neck warmer can be used only as a neck warmer. The most simple way to use a neck warmer is to use it just as a neck warmer. 

Keep the neck warmer around your neck but pull it up over your chin and the back of your neck. A great way to protect against windburn, isn’t it? 

2. As a Scarf

Most of us here often wear scarves during the cold season. Why not give the multifunctional neck warmer a try? 

Simply pull the neck warmer scarf over your neck, and boom, there’s your effortlessly cool look. Not to forget, it will keep you warm too.

3. As a Bandana

Yes, you read that right, you can wear your neck warmers as Bandana. You can also convert these multifunctional neck warmers into bandanas. 

To do so, you must tie a knot in one end of the neck warmer and adjust to fit your head in. Place it over your head like a hat. 

Don’t forget to check out your new look with your brand-new bandana in the mirror. Don’t you look amazing?

4. As a Face Mask

People also use a neck warmer as a face mask. And it is very simple to do. Place the tube scarf on your neck, then pull it up to just below your eyes. And there is your stylish mask ready. 

This style is ideal for protecting your face against dirt, dust, rain, or cold. But it isn’t ideal in case of a virus outbreak. We highly recommend a surgical mask in such cases.

5. As a Hood

Who wouldn’t like staying warm in winter with the cover on their heads? The hood covers most of your head and is excellent for staying warm. 

Keep the front of the neck warmer under your chin, and pull the back up to cover your head. 

6. As a Balaclava

People like wearing balaclavas during cold weather to keep themselves warm. Aren’t you giving it a try? 

To convert your neck warmer into a balaclava, the neck warmer should first be converted into a hood, and then take the material under your chin, double it up and pull it up to cover your nose. 

7. As a Sun Guard

What about using the multi-purpose neck warmer as a sun guard? Put the neck warmer around your neck and pull the back up and over the back of your head. Boom, there is your sun guard ready. 

This works particularly well when worn under a hat or helmet. It will protect your skin from deadly sunburn.

8. As a Headband

This might be a weird one, but trust me; you need to give it a go. We didn’t call it multifunctional for no reason. 

To change your neck warmer into a headband, roll the neck warmer and wear it around your forehead to keep the sweat out of your eyes. You might want to give it a try while playing sports. 

So, if you are bored of the same old look, use the neck warmer as a headband instead.

9. As a Hair Band

We can also use this multifunctional product as a hair band. Begin with a scarf around your neck, then pull it up at the front to push back your hair. 

And there is your hairband ready. It works well with either long or short hair. Isn’t it just amazing? 

10. As a Head Scarf

We already know how to use the neck warmer as a neck scarf. What about using it as a head scarf? 

Begin with the hair band look mentioned above, then pull the tube scarf back. How do you look in your new head scarf? This style is perfect for bad hair days. 

11. As a Hair Tie

You might not know you can even use the neck warmer as a hair tie. To do this, wrap it around your ponytail just like a scrunchie. 

Also, don’t forget to check your new look with the hair tie. 

12. As a Helmet Liner

Done with hat liner? What about the helmet liner? Same as the hat liner, place your neck warmer inside your helmet this time. Another style to try out!

13. As a Beanie / Cap

People also are seen using neck warmers as a cap or beanies. And it is very common. 

To do this, first, grab your neck tube and turn it inside out. Place one tube end on the top of your head, then twist it in the centre at least twice. 

Then take the opening above the twist and pull it down over your head. There is your breathable neck warmer cap ready. It will keep you warm and protect you from the cold. 

14. As a Sahariane

Sahariane might be one of the most classic ways of wearing a neck warmer.

Turn your neck warmer inside out, and lay it flat over your head with the openings at the front and the back. 

Open the top layer of the tube, hold it inside with a hand over your forehead, and with the other hand, pull the top layer down over your head to form a cap shape. 

Don’t forget to check out your new look on Sahariane. 

15. As a Bubble Hat

What about wearing a new fabric bubble hat? Isn’t it just cool? To do this, you need to start with a beanie, but tie the loose end of the neck warmer into a big knot instead of pulling it down over your head. The new bubble hat is so warm, isn’t it? 

16. As a Do Rag

What about using a do-rag and avoiding the sun? A simple do rag pulled over your head and left open at the back means you can protect your neck from the sun. Imagine how cool you would look in your new do-rag. 

17. As a Foulard

What about creating some fabulous hairdos with this style? Start with the hairband, and slightly open the back of the neck warmer. Enjoy wearing your new stylish foulard.

Besides all the ways mentioned above, there are many other ways to use a neck warmer. The ways of using the neck warmer and its benefits are endless. 

Not to forget, the ways mentioned above are just very few of many. Neck warmer has much more benefits than one can mention. It can be used in sports, during winter, hiking, cycling, and even summer to avoid sunburn and windburn. 

Watch This Video To Find More On How To Style A Neck Warmer:

Buying a Neck Warmer in Nepal

Now we all know how to use a neck warmer in different ways. Then why not give it a try? This multi-purpose product is worth every penny. 

Neck warmers are widely available in various markets in Nepal. But good quality at an affordable price? That seems like a silly expectation. However, Woolmandu has turned this fairytale into reality. 

Woolmandu is an online shopping site for clothing items that provide quality woolen clothes at an affordable price. We provide this multifunctional product at an affordable price. 

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To conclude, neck warmers are a great winter accessories that keep our necks warm and protect us from the cold. Also, we guided you on how to style a wool neck warmer in this article. 

Besides just protecting the neck, they can also be used in various ways to style while wearing a neck warmer. If you are bored of the same old style, you can change your looks in various ways mentioned above. 

We also discussed how Woolmandu provides quality neck warmers made with 100% pure wool at a very reasonable price. So, check us out to buy good quality woolen attires. 

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Why are Woolen Clothes Preferred in Winter?

woolen clothes

Article By: Gaurav Dhakal

As winter approaches, our response to clothing is to switch from cotton to wool clothes. We wear dark clothing throughout the winter because it absorbs sunlight in winter to keep us warm. We avoid cotton as it is lightweight, and air can easily pass, keeping us exposed to cold, windy weather. But have you ever wondered why are woolen clothes preferred in winter? 

When it’s winter, we take the best woolen cloth out of our cupboard and hope it’s not torn or smelly. We search for a woolen piece of fabric like woolen sweaters, woolen mufflers, or woolen warmer while shopping in the winter. It does not matter how small the piece of clothing is; we want them to be woolen. 

People prefer woolen clothes in winter because they insulate the body well and shield it from the outer cold elements. As a result, the body parts, like the hands, neck, and chest, usually exposed to cold environments, get warm. 

But how exactly do woolen clothes keep us warm in winter? 

Wool has many tiny pores which entrap large amounts of air. This entrapped air conducts heat poorly, preventing the passage of body heat to the outside environment. This is why we prefer woolen clothing in the winter to keep us warm. It is incredible, isn’t it?

If you are searching for wonder-of-a-wool, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have collected some of the wool facts on why we prefer woolen clothes in winter. 

Let’s get into it!

Why Are Woolen Clothes The Best?

Firstly, let’s begin with why woolen clothing. Wool exceeds synthetic fibres in terms of performance, as it is naturally occurring. It is also environmentally friendly, renewable, and naturally biodegradable. 

Also, when it’s time to get away with old clothes, woolen clothes are the best. It is a natural, sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly product that is of important quality in a world where environmental concerns are growing. Additionally, it offers a variety of other advantages. They are:-

Environmentally Friendly

With the fashion business around clothes flourishing every day, harmful environmental effects associated with the industry are coming to light. Water resources are depleted, and rivers and streams are polluted for the business to operate. 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions come from the fashion industry. Additionally, according to a UNECE report (2018), all textiles discard 85% of specific washing processes for garments, causing a significant release of microplastics into the ocean every year.

So, as you now understand, purchasing wool is not only to keep you warm in the winter, but it is also eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment. The amount of water used and carbon emission from wool and woolen cloth manufacturing is practically zero.

Less Troublesome

Wool also has an inherent curl that allows it to regain its original shape even after being stretched by up to 30%, making it like a spring that resists wrinkles. You can rely on wool to maintain its shape because of its resilient resistance to flattening and becoming rigid. So, there’s nothing to worry about good quality wool shrinking after a few uses. Also, unlike cotton clothes, you do not need to heat the iron in a rush to keep your cloth as good as new.

Due to its balanced thermal insulation qualities, wool is both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Also, its hydrophobic and hypoallergenic nature makes it resistant to the bacteria, mould, and mites that many individuals experience allergic reactions to during summer.

However, it might not be best to wear woolen clothes in summer as wool is hydrophobic. It won’t absorb bodily moisture, which does not keep your skin dry. On the other hand, cotton drains away moisture and dries quickly under the sun’s heat. 

Nepal: The Land of Wool

Nepal: The Land of Wool

One of the reasons why wool is so important during winter is because of Nepal. There are many theories on how Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, was named. One of the famous theories is the name, “Ne“, which means home, and “Pal“, which means wool, are two Tibetan terms merged to form the word Nepal. 

In old times, Nepal was known for producing wool. And woolen goods were the major trade to Tibet and many Indian continental states. Therefore, Nepal means land of wool. 

Nepal is where the Himalayas rest and is blessed with the best wool for warmth. Our body, mind and heart automatically want that warmth in daily life during the winter. 

So, grab any woolen muffler, warmer, or beanie hat this winter and snuggle yourself in bed with the warmth of the Himalayas’ best wool. You can grab the best quality woolen items anywhere around the world from Woolmandu directly from the land of wool. 

How Does Woolen Clothing Keep Us Warm?

Woolen materials act as airbags, and air conducts heat poorly. Thus, the body heat radiated to keep us warm naturally is also trapped by the woolen materials’ air pockets. 

Now this heat energy that our body generates to keep us warm does not escape in the first place. The inner air is always warm since heat cannot escape and pass to the outside environment. Also, the woolen fabric is a poor conductor of heat, which prevents heat from escaping into the surroundings.

Watch This Video To Know Why Woolen Clothes Keep Us Warm:

What Is Cashmere Wool? 

Cashmere Wool – TISSURA

The word ‘Cashmere’ itself sounds luxurious, smooth, silky, and vibrant. Isn’t it? Cashmere is one of the rarest natural fibres in the world because it is the hair of a cashmere goat. The distinctive feel when you touch Cashmere can make you forget the world. 

The majority of Cashmere is from goats of the Gobi Desert, which runs from Northern China into Mongolia. These animals have a superfine undercoat, centred on the underbelly, that hides beneath their coarse hair.

The local workers comb the belly hair of the goat, manually separate it, and then ship it to a de-hair-ing plant to be cleaned and refined after the goat moult. It is then woven into a piece of clothing to keep us warm in winter.


The reason why are woolen clothes preferred in winter and cotton in summer is that cotton fabric effectively conducts heat during summer. It circulates the cold temperature from the environment, transferring the heat that the body radiates. That is not preferred in winter. It would not keep us warm at all. We need to wear clothes that do not help heat radiating in our body to escape. Hence, woolen clothes are the best choice in winter. 

Woolen clothing generally keeps us warm regardless of the climate or season. Also, keep in mind that woolen fabric opposes heat transmission from the environment to the body in the same way that it prevents heat transfer from the body to the environment. 

So next time you go winter shopping, do not wonder or get confused about how woolen clothes can keep you warm in winter. Now, you not only know all the scientific facts about wool, that it does not get wrinkled, is environmentally friendly, and is allergic-free, but you also know about the place from where the best wool comes from. 

Why don’t you find it for yourself by getting a fantastic piece of woolen cloth this winter, use it every year and see how it passes down to your children or, perhaps, grandchildren? Why don’t you at least try to buy a fantastic woolen piece from the land of the wool itself?

Get It From Woolmandu!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wool

How is Wool Produced?

Wool is a textile material where sheep supply most of the wool, mostly used for outerwear. For wool, the sheep are sheared. After that, the wool is cleaned and processed to prepare it for use in clothes and other products.

Does Wool Have Any History of Use in Ancient Times?

Since the Stone Age, wool fur has been used to manufacture clothing. Because wool is biodegradable, it is challenging to find early evidence of wool being used for clothing.

However, woolen clothes and other objects that were preserved during a large portion of ancient times have been found. We can trace the use of wool in ancient times from the Pazyryk carpet, discovered in Siberian burials dating to the first century B.C., to Egyptian yarn, which dates back 3,400 years.

Can Wool Be Used For a Sweaty Body?

Wearing wool fabric clothing for a sweaty body may seem strange, but the hygroscopic property of wool allows it to absorb moisture from your body, in this case, perspiration. The wool may be the ideal material for you if you sweat a lot. It is particularly breathable due to its innate capacity to regulate moisture.

Wool clothing pulls away all sweat-related moisture as a result. Fewer germs will feed on your sweating body as a result, which will reduce body odour.

Does Wool Form By Felting?

Wool is one of the oldest human-made fabrics due to its remarkable natural felting capabilities. Like fish, the wool’s surface fibres feature overlapping, saw-like scales. As a result, the fibres begin to stick together to form felt.

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Best Woolen Sweaters For Ladies This Winter 

woolen sweater for ladies

Winter has begun, and it is already cold outside. And as we already know, staying warm is vital during this cold season. Woolen sweaters can be the best choice among all other winter clothes available in the market as they are both fashionable and warm. 

Woolen clothes are our best weapons to fight against the cold. Markets are already full of warm clothes, and people have started buying them. It is really difficult to look cool and be warm at the same time. However, you can counter cold as well as look super cute in sweaters. 

So, in this article today, we will look at some best woolen sweaters for ladies this winter.

Best Woolen Sweaters For Ladies

On these freezing cold days, woolen sweaters are the best choice for you. And if you are a lady, the sweaters look exceptionally well on you. It makes you warm and also fits with anything as a fashion. You can wear it on any occasion without any concern about suiting the occasion. 

The demand for sweaters for ladies is rising exponentially in the market. And as the demand increases, so does the price. Moreover, it is also difficult to find a perfect woolen sweater under a tight budget and requirements. 

So, we are suggesting some best woolen sweaters for ladies which you can get at an affordable price.

1. Blue & Green Patterned Sweater

The first one on our list is this Blue and Green Patterned Sweater. This sweater is available in sizes XS to XXXL. It is made of 100% wool and is proudly made in Nepal. So you’ll support the local business as you battle the cold. 

It is a knitted sweater that can potentially provide you with the feeling of the sweater knitted by your mother with love. While similar sweaters are sold at the market at high prices, you can easily get this warm woolen sweater at an affordable price from Woolmandu.  

Click Here To Make It Yours! 

2. Blue & White Patterned Sweater

The next one on our list is the Blue and White Patterned Sweater. It is a pure wool sweater for ladies with exceptional quality. This woolen sweater is also available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. This sweater can be worn on any occasion to add spice to your looks. 

Without suffering the crowd of the market, you can easily get this beautiful, warm, and comfortable sweater online from Woolmandu

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3. Grey Woolen Sweater

This grey woolen sweater has a premium, classy look. It is made up of 100% pure wool, which is comfortable to wear and is warm to protect you from the cold. It can be a great choice if you seek a subtle ladies’ sweater. 

Above all, it comes at a very affordable price. This woolen sweater goes well with any of your outfits. It keeps you warm and is made in Nepal. You can get this woolen sweater from Woolmandu

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4. Red & White Christmas Sweater

Are you looking for a good-looking sweater for Christmas? If yes, this Red and White Christmas sweater is exactly what you want. This sweater is available in sizes XS to XXXL. 

Not only is this sweater good in quality, but it can also be bought at an unbelievable price from Woolmandu. This sweater can also be the best Christmas present for your loved ones. 

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5. Black & Red Patterned Sweater

Another one on the list of best woolen sweaters for ladies this winter is this Black and Red Patterned Sweater. It is a woolen sweater for ladies made of 100% wool. It is made in Nepal, so you can wear it with pride while supporting several people to run their households. 

The two buttons on the neck of this sweater makes its design look even more attractive and fashionable. It is available in sizes XS to XXL. It can be bought at an affordable price from Woolmandu while it is sold at a high price at the market. 

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6. Blue Sweater With Colorful Patterns

This blue sweater with colourful patterns is a beautiful and warm woolen sweater that adds spice to your winter looks. This sweater is made in Nepal so you can contribute to the nation’s economy while avoiding the cold. It is made up of 100% pure wool as well. The available sizes are from XS to XXXL. It is available at a reasonable price in Woolmandu

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7. Rainbow Colored Sweater

This colourful sweater is very attractive and makes your winter look more stylish. All the colours mixed together make the sweater look bright and joyous. This sweater is available in sizes XS to XXXL. To make it yours right now, do visit Woolmandu

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8. Red Sweater With Colorful Pattern

In winter, you need to stay warm, and all packed up, but those piles of clothes hanging in you might not add much to your looks. So, a sweater is the best choice. 

And this Red sweater with a colourful pattern makes you warm and stand out by making your winter days colourful. This sweater is available at Woolmandu from size XS to XXXL. 

Click Here To Make It Yours Now!

So, this is the selection of the best woolen sweaters for ladies this winter that you can buy for yourself. We hope you like these products. You can check out Woolmandu for more woolen items, such as mufflers, jackets, leg warmers, mittens, and so on.

Final Words

Getting a woolen sweater is definitely not a stupid thing as it is a lifesaver in the freezing cold winter. In addition to its warm feature, it is also stylish and enhances your winter looks. The sweaters mentioned above are knitted sweaters. These knitted sweaters bring you the feeling of the sweater knitted by your mother for you with love. It can refresh old memories. 

We listed some of the best woolen sweaters for ladies this winter you can buy in Nepal. You can purchase the woolen sweaters mentioned above by ordering from Woolmandu. You can save yourself from the hassle of going to a market. Just make these sweaters yours right now. 

We hope this article was helpful. Happy Reading! 

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Best Woolen Mufflers For This Winter (2023)

With the joy brought on by Christmas, the winter season has arrived too. You might be preparing for the winter and the celebrations this holiday season. Warm clothes have already appeared in the market. It is a very tough job to stay warm and also look good in this cold winter. 

Well, you may want to be packed in warm outfits but still not want to look stuffed like a panda. Many people have started to look for good-looking winter outfits like jackets, high necks, sweaters, coats and many more. But the significance of the fascinating winter accessory muffler is underestimated. 

In addition to keeping our necks warm in the cold, the muffler also acts like a cherry on top of the cake in your winter looks for both males and females. Dress your shoulder with the good-looking woolen mufflers to enhance your winter looks. 

In this article today, we will learn more about mufflers and discuss the best woolen mufflers for this winter.

Why Buy A Woolen Muffler?

A muffler is a winter garment used to cover your neck in the cold of the winter. It is also used for stylish and elegant looks for both males and females. There are various stupid things society wants you to do, but buying a muffler is not one.  

So, some of the important benefits of wearing a muffler are listed below.

  • Muffler adds class to your attire. It gives an elegant look to your winter outfit.
  • It helps keep your ears, neck, chest and shoulder warm in winter.
  • It protects your skin as it saves you from getting sunburned.
  • It is affordable. You can get good-looking and super comfy mufflers at an affordable price. 
  • Also, the comfort these mufflers provide is one of the benefits of wearing a muffler.
  • They are suitable for everyone, whether you are male or female, young or old, kid or adult. They are made for every human.
  • They are evergreen pieces of clothing. They are never outdated and are always on trend.
  • Another surprising but true fact about woolen mufflers is that they can help relieve neck pain. Yes, seriously. Tying a muffler keeps your neck muscle firm and makes it stay in good posture.

So, these are the benefits of wearing a woolen muffler in winter. You can get good quality woolen mufflers from Woolmandu that are proudly made in Nepal. 

Now, let us discuss some of the best woolen mufflers for this winter available at Woolmandu.

Best Woolen Mufflers For This Winter

To help you buy the best woolen muffler for winter, we have selected some best quality woolen mufflers. They are made with 100% pure wool to provide class and warmth in the upcoming cold winter. 

In addition to providing that woolen warmth, they also add an element to your winter attire. Be it with casual winter wear or with formal suits and blazers, they suit everything and everyone. 

So, these are the best woolen mufflers for women and men in Nepal.

Woolmandu Plain Grey Muffler

The first one on the list is Woolmandu plain grey muffler. This plain grey muffler is made of 100% wool, which looks good and provides warmth in the cold. Since it is 200 cm long and 20 cm wide, it fits perfectly in your neck. It is grey in colour and blends perfectly with any of your outfits. 

The flexibility to hand wash or machine wash this woolen muffler and flat dry it in the shade makes it one of the best. It has been manufactured with sustainability, and thus, can be recycled. It is made in Nepal, so you can wear it with pride. 

Click Here To Purchase This Muffler

Woolmandu Plain Charcoal Muffler

The second one is Woolmandu plain charcoal muffler. This charcoal muffler is made up of 100% wool and eco-friendly materials. It is charcoal in colour and goes well with any of your attires. It fits all outfits as it is 200 cm long and 20 cm wide. 

The charcoal muffler looks elegant and fits well with formal blazers and cardigans. It can be hand washed with cold water or machine washed in delicate mode. It is made with sustainable material and can be recycled. 

While using this muffler, you will also be supporting the Made in Nepal movement. 

Click Here To Buy This Muffler

Woolmandu Plain Brown Muffler

The plain woolen muffler is also available in a darker brown colour. It has an elegant, classy look and goes well with formal suits and jackets. It can also be worn with casual attire. 

The dark woolen muffler absorbs heat and provides warmth in the winter cold. You can tie it for a firm grip and warmth around the neck. It also helps you maintain posture. That’s why the Woolmandu plain brown muffler is the perfect muffler for winter this year.

Click Here To Buy This Muffler

What Makes Woolmandu Muffler The Best?

You can buy a muffler anywhere in Nepal. From the old wholesale stores in Asan to shiny showrooms in malls, from shady Facebook sellers to e-commerce platforms. But buying the perfect one is not easy. 

Most on the market are cheap quality products imported from China or India and do not meet expectations. They are sold for more than their worth, but they don’t have the quality you want. 

Some are just poorly finished, and others are not that good. We all know the struggle of buying a woolen item. So, unless you decide to knit one for yourself, it is difficult to buy a perfect woolen muffler.

And this is where Woolmandu comes in. Woolmandu makes quality handmade woolen mufflers that don’t just look cool but also feel nice. They are super durable and made up of pure wool. And the best part? They are made in Nepal. 

So, you can wear the best quality mufflers with pride. You will not just do a favour to your neck but also contribute to the national economy by discouraging imported products and supporting the local industry. 

Now, let’s look at what makes Woolmandu mufflers the best choice. Shall we?

1. Quality

The Woolmandu mufflers have exceptional quality. They are made of 100% wool and have the perfect softness and warmth. They are well-finished and look elegant when worn. 

2. Value For Money

The Woolmandu woolen mufflers are well-priced. You will get great value for the price charged. Compared to the mufflers available in the market, Woolmandu provides better quality for a lesser price tag. 

3. Made In Nepal

Another great thing about the Woolmandu mufflers is that they are Made in Nepal. They can substitute the cheap quality imported products that are not just a scam for your wallet but also a huge burden to the economy. 

So, by buying a Woolmandu muffler, you are also supporting made-in-Nepal products. So don’t just wear a muffler; wear it with pride. 

4. Exported Worldwide

The woolen mufflers and other products from Woolmandu are not just available in Nepal but also have demand internationally. They are exported to the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other European countries. Woolmandu ensures its products have the best quality wool to create a recurring customer base. 

With these amazing qualities, it must be a no-brainer now that the Woolmandu mufflers are one of the best you can buy in Nepal, which are also priced very appropriately to not hurt your wallet. So, you should hurry up and add these to your winter shopping list. 

Final Words 

In this article, we discussed the situation and price of woolen mufflers in Nepal and provided our honest opinion about the best woolen muffler for this winter. 

Mufflers are go-to accessories for many people in the winter season. They add class and warmth to our winter attire. Their availability and affordability is also major factor in people using mufflers to elevate their looks without spending a hefty sum of money. 

Woolmandu woolen mufflers are the best choice when it comes to woolen mufflers in Nepal. The quality is exceptional, as 100% pure wool is used to knit the mufflers. This makes a huge difference in the product’s looks and warmth. 

Plus, they are made in Nepal, providing employment to people and substituting the expensive imported mufflers but lag behind in terms of quality. Also, the Woolmandu woolen mufflers are priced very reasonably. 

So, what can be better than using a perfect muffler made in Nepal and is the best value for your hard-earned money?

We hope you liked our elaboration about the woolen mufflers available in the Nepali market and the best woolen mufflers selected for you this winter, 2023. 

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Are There Any Mufflers For Women?

muffler for women

The importance of a woolen muffler as a winter accessory is generally underrated. In addition to keeping your neck warm, it also flatters women beautifully. A lovely choice of woolen mufflers for your dress makes your whole look different. But why woolen mufflers for ladies and are there any mufflers for women?

Mufflers for women provide various advantages, from aesthetic advantages to health advantages. Mufflers are typically found in various fabrics, including wool, silk, nylon, cotton, etc. But woolen mufflers in winter keep you warm. 

Woolen mufflers for ladies are easily spotted in the market as it has a few unique features, such as prints or designs on the cloth. It is a great piece of cloth to gift to ladies, as it is found in a wide range.  

This article gives you a general idea of why to select woolen mufflers and where to get them.

Why Woolen Mufflers?

Wool can regulate each person’s body temperature. You’ll indeed stay warm during the winter and cool during summer if you wrap some woolen mufflers around your neck.

Wool naturally repels moisture through its fibre, making it resistant to rot, mould, and fungus. It is also a very convenient piece of fabric to own or gift somebody.

You can easily clean and don’t need to wash woolen clothing often. It only needs to be aired to be “cleaned” and air dry after washing in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Imagine this: You look fantastic in your woolen mufflers and best clothes. You are aware of your good looks. When you decide to remove your mufflers, it makes you incomplete.

Your scarf chose to shed, so there are little fibres all over that lovely top. So, I suppose ladies will have to put the scarf aside and pull off woolen mufflers this winter.

Why for Women?

For women, woolen mufflers wrap around their faces, making it easier to cover the eyes and ears and prevent cold air from entering the ear, blocking the passage and harming the ear’s internal tissues.

As the winter approaches, they are used to shield against cold, pollution, and other elements in addition to the extreme sunlight. To protect their hair from outside dust, some people practice putting mufflers around their entire faces, including their hair.

No attire can go wrong with woolen mufflers for ladies. Different hues, designs, and cuts, each more distinctive than another, add a simple colour that will give a touch of class to your casual ensembles or a vibrant and unique shade that will improve your professional attire.

A classic woolen muffler for women will keep you dry and shield you from sweat and humidity so you can enjoy the weather without worry.

Are There Mufflers for Women?

There are varieties of woolen mufflers available for ladies. Yes, you can find woolen mufflers for women in the market. You can find two varieties of knitted woolen mufflers: hand-knitted or machine-knitted.

The hand-knit woolen mufflers are a bit pricey because they take a lot of physical labour. Additionally, it is challenging to handmake several mufflers at a low cost. As a result, manufactured mufflers are developed, allowing for the rapid production of large quantities of mufflers while requiring little human labour and offering the potential for significant cost savings. Although, finding hand-knit woolen mufflers and making a good investment can never go wrong.

Women’s mufflers have a few unique features, such as prints or designs on the material. Mufflers, particularly those made for ladies, have a touch of feminine hues and patterns. They could have a variety of patterns, including flowers, birds, blocks, paintings, stripes and more.

Other types of mufflers have floral dyes or prints as the most popular choice because it is so attractive to women. These mufflers are made considering the ergonomic handling and carrying. They can be adjusted in a carry-on or handbags wherever taken by folding them in various ways.

Best Woolen Mufflers for Women

There are websites where everything you want to buy is displayed in detail. In-depth product information is provided in writing, and many ways to pay make it easier for you to send money quickly. It is a simple way to surf around the market of Kathmandu to find woolen mufflers for women.

One location to choose from while looking for the best woolen mufflers for ladies is Woolmandu. We are renowned for the top-quality woolen mufflers, which come in various styles.


We provide woolen mufflers for women that are constant companions throughout the day. And are perfect when looking to combine the many benefits of wool with a touch of class and comfort. We have approximately 20 years of experience producing goods for private labels.

Along with offering delivery worldwide, a large range of women’s woolen mufflers that are soft and delicate are available with us. The product of Woolmandu provides not only uniqueness but also comfort and quality.

We also even alter the artwork to reflect your style and preferences. 

Selection & Design Options

Now that you have discovered the location to visit for women’s mufflers. The choice of excellent women’s mufflers continues to be a challenge. 

Let us share some tips for choosing woolen mufflers with you:

1. Choose Breathable Fabric 

A selection of superior materials free from dangerous chemicals and dyes and environmentally friendly materials is important when choosing your wool mufflers. It makes you stop being concerned about sweat or any fabric sensitivities. 

2. Choose an Elegant Piece 

You can be sure that choosing from a large variety of women’s mufflers will give you many options to pick. A must-have are patterns in various colours and textures and traditional and tribal patterns that express one’s individuality. 

Woolmandu makes it easier to access these patterns. Using a simple woolen muffler with unique clothing is always a good idea.

3. Choose a Color to Complement Your Clothing 

Woolen mufflers, from muted to vibrant, come in various colours to fit your preference and carry your energy. This step is necessary. You should be able to choose a woolen muffler in a colour that goes well with your outfit.


These woolen mufflers can protect you from the chilly wind in the winter. Women who want to wear woolen mufflers can be confident in a selection of exceptional quality that will be especially ideal for those most sensitive to the cold.  

You won’t regret purchasing mufflers for the winter because they will come in handy for protecting your ears, head, and neck. Selecting that one piece of woolen mufflers can be tiresome, but proper guidance that leads to owning a great deal to your wardrobe can never go wrong. 

After going through this article, you now have the proper what about and whereabouts of mufflers for women. 

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Woolen Muffler in Nepal: Everything You Need to Know

Most of us underestimate the significance of a muffler as a winter accessory. In addition to keeping your neck warm, it makes a lovely accessory for both males and females. A beautiful selection of mufflers to compliment your attire is entirely necessary. An extensive selection of woolen mufflers made in Nepal is available in various patterns, rich colours, and flip-back cover designs. Many renowned manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters operate in the market of Nepal.

Get a Premium Woolen Muffler Made in Nepal Here!

When we look at the global clothing market in Nepal, woolen clothing can be a good example of bringing uniformity to the global crafts and clothing trade. The period of individual freedom and expression inspires Nepali woolen artistry.

Now, what about the price of such a beautiful collection of accessories in Nepal? You can find a selective collection of premium quality woolen mufflers at a way lower price in Kathmandu, Nepal’s woolen muffler wholesale market.

While selecting the wool to wrap you around, you must be able to select the best textile so that it does not itch. Here are some of my tips for selecting the softest woolen muffler made in Nepal.

Wool in Muffler

Wool is a textile fibre from sheep and other animals, including goats’ mohair and cashmere. Wool’s fibre diameter, crimp, yield, colour, and staple strength can all be used to analyze its quality. Fibre diameter is the single factor that has the greatest impact on wool quality and cost.

A muffler is simple clothing loosely wrapped across the shoulders, upper body, arms, and occasionally the head. It typically takes the form of a rectangular or square piece of cloth folded into a triangle, though it can alternatively take the form of a triangle. The oblong shawl is another shape.

So, while selecting the woolen mufflers, first, you should select the quality fibre. The smaller the diameter of the wool, the warmer and softer it is to you.

Why Woolen Mufflers?

Mammals naturally create wool, which helps them to control their body temperature in all temperatures. Wool can regulate each person’s body temperature. You’ll indeed stay cool if you wear wool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Wool naturally repels moisture through its fibre, making it resistant to rot, mould, and fungus. It is also water-resistant by nature, and its distinct structure prevents body odour from building up, so you can wear a garment made of it without discomfort for days at a time.

It is also a very convenient piece of fabric to own. Not only that, but it is easy to clean. You don’t need to wash woolen clothing often. It only needs to be aired to be “cleaned” and air dry after washing in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Why is Woolen Muffler Made in Nepal Best?

Wool made in Nepal has an interesting twist of Yak fibre. It is a unique fibre to add to your stash of yarn because it is fluffy and silky.

The twist of yak wool makes the muffler warmer than just plain sheep wool because yaks survive in Tibet and Nepal’s high-altitude, chilly mountains. Professionals use this yarn with bigger needles and hooks to handmake woolen mufflers quickly.

Since this type of wool that is made in Nepal is best for weaving, felting, crocheting, and knitting, which means that most woolen mufflers are handcrafted.

Made with love and compassion and filled with uniqueness, the mufflers made in Nepal are inspired by the generation of individual freedom and expression. For every piece of Nepali woolen fabric you own, you will know how different it is from wool worldwide.

Price Bargaining for Woolen Muffler in Kathmandu

Wandering around the market in Kathmandu can be all fun and exciting until you like a muffler, and its price makes your jaw drop. Bargaining is always a trick when you are clueless about the market range. It will give you an idea of whether the muffler is worth it.

Retailers can charge you thousands for a normal muffler. After selecting the best woolen muffler, they can charge you an additional thousand. So, it would be best to go around online and check the price range.

You are always welcome to surf the internet, where you can find Nepali woven woolen mufflers. No need to go to the closest mall by car. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, the crowd, and the unnecessary bargaining.

There are websites where everything you intend to buy is listed. The product information there is in-depth, and the available payment options make it simple for payments. With these online stores, knowing the market price range of woolen mufflers in Kathmandu gets easier and faster.

Where to Find Woolen Mufflers?

Depending on the length, breadth, and choice of fabric you wish to buy, you can reduce your spending to an absolute minimum with the aid of online stores.

Woolmandu is the best place to select the finest piece of woolen mufflers. We are known for our best woolen mufflers with different varieties to select.

We stand out by our uniqueness from other brands with the manufacturing plant in Kathmandu itself. Selecting our quality products from wholesalers and retailers will directly benefit the diligent workers in our factory. You’ll find our wide variety of woolen mufflers to style you up as amazing.


As of now, you already know why to select woolen mufflers to add to your wardrobe. You should grab one and test it for yourself. Now you can select the best quality muffler to style you up from a wide range of varieties at the market of Kathmandu with premium quality wool made in Nepal. And, the best quality woolen mufflers are made available by Woolmandu for you.

So, if you find this article valuable, share it with your friends and family. Also, do let us know about your views in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!