Knitted Wool Socks

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Showing all 8 results

Buy Hand Knitted Woollen Socks Online 

Our hand knitted woollen socks keep your toes warm and comfortable. Many people think of wool socks as winter socks, but they are much more than that. As the foot sweats, socks need to absorb and dose moisture to feel and smell good.

When selecting our socks, we only use high-quality wool that creates warm, comfortable, durable and soft socks for you to wear. These are the best woollen socks ideal for long walks or just sitting back on the couch in front of the TV and getting something done. Also, thanks to their superior insulation properties, they are a top choice as cooler months find their way through the floor.

These hand woven woollen socks come in various vibrant colours that fit the winter season and go well with every outfit. Woollen knitted socks are a must-buy this winter season to keep your legs warm during winters and to make you look apart from others. Our socks are designed to fit snug on the leg without slipping.