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How Much Wool for a Beanie Hat?

The variety of hat types available today, from modern to traditional, is practically unlimited. Just a few examples include Beanie, Bobble, Flat, Baseball, Boater, etc. Since the Bronze Age, hat design has advanced significantly. 

The fashionable beanie hat stands out from the crowd and has gained popularity since the 12th century. Wales is where the beanie hat, a type of headgear that fits snugly on the head, first appeared in the 12th century.

Since beanies knit up quickly and require a few fundamental skills, they make a great first knitting project. Some patterns may tell you to knit the hat using double-pointed needles, but if you’re starting, they can be challenging. 

Circular Needle to Knit a Beanie Hat
Circular Needle to Knit a Beanie Hat

Instead, knit in the round on long circular needles to avoid switching to straight needles. You’ll have a unique cap after you’re finished, and knitting a beanie is an excellent way to practice knitting.

Wool is a type of textile fibre made from sheep and various other animals, including the mohair and cashmere of goats. Wool’s fibre diameter, crimp, yield, colour, and staple strength can all be used to analyze its quality. Fibre diameter is the single factor that has the biggest influence on the price and quality of wool.

The amount of wool depends on the type of wool used and the size of the hat being made.

Types of Wool Used for Making Beanie Hats

The best wools to use for making beanie hats include: 

  1. Premium Acrylic Yarns 
  2. Wool Blends, and 
  3. Super-Wash Wool 

Acrylics are fantastic wools because they withstand repeated washings so well.

Size of the Beanie

The size of the beanie depends upon the person who is wearing it. The size of a kid is different from an adult. The kids’ beanie needs less wool in comparison to an adult one. 

Amount of Wool Require to Make a Beanie Hat 

75gm of yarn is required for the small hat, while 97gm of yarn is necessary for the larger one. 

Time Taken to Knit a Beanie

Time taken to knit a beanie is subjective. It depends on the following:

1. The Complexity of the Pattern 

More complex patterns will take a longer time while knitting them. 

2. Weight of the Yarn 

Thinner yarn means more stitches, so it will take longer to knit a beanie. 

3. Size of the Hat 

A baby-size beanie would be much quicker to knit than an extra-large adult-sized hat. 

4. Experience of the Knitter

The time required to knit anything also depends on the experience of the knitter doing the task. 

5. Natural Speed of the Knitter 

Usually, knitting a beanie can be completed in a day. But, it can even take a week to complete it, depending upon the complexity of the beanie.

Favourable Colour

People generally prefer dark or neutral colours for the beanie. As it is worn in the winter, dark colours are preferred. Black is the most preferred colour by everyone, either male or female, as it can compliment any outfit they wear. It’s the most basic among colours and the simplest to wear.

Other colours like yellow, grey, brown, and pastel colours are also favourable depending on the choices and circumstances.

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Materials Required to Make a Beanie

  1. Circular Needle
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Yarn Needle
  5. 100 – 110 Size 5 Bulky Weight Yarn


In many ways, the hat thus began as a need for maintaining one’s health and survival. The hat has changed considerably over time to become a fashionable item and a status symbol in many cultures. Since the beginning of time, keeping the head warm has been a necessity for humans. 

So, the quantity of wool required depends upon the size and the design of the hat. Similarly, the time taken is also directly proportional to the size and complexity of the hat. 

FAQs to Know About the Wool Requirements to Knit a Beanie 

1. How Many Balls of Yarn Do I Need for a Hat?  

Finding how many balls of yarn will be needed to make a hat comes down to what size hat you’re making. Usually, 1 ball of yarn will make a hat. 

2. What Can You Make With 50g of Leftover Yarn? 

If your wool calculations while making a beanie is slightly varied, and you have almost 50g of yarn left, you still have various cool things to knit. Some of them are Knitted Dishcloths, Headbands, Bookmarks, Scrunchies, Amigurumi and others.

3. How Do I Calculate How Much Yarn I Need? 

To calculate the approx. amount of yarn you’ll need for any of your knitting tasks, you can use a popular thumb rule. The rule says that You’ll get the required amount of wool needed by multiplying the number of stitches in your pattern by the number of inches each stitch uses.

4. How Many Yards Are 50 grams of Yarn? 

You might be curious how much is exactly 50 grams of yarn in terms of yards. Not exactly, but 50 grams of yarn equals about 80 to 200 yards. However, it depends on the thickness of the yarn. Thinner yarns have more yards, while thicker ones have fewer.  

5. How Do You Knit a Beanie Hat for Beginners? 

Knitting a beanie hat is indeed a cool project. But, it might be not very clear for you to knit one at the beginning. Read this article on how to knit a beanie hat, and you’ll find it for yourself. 

6. How Do You Knit a Woolen Muffler for Beginners? 

Knitting mufflers is also another exciting task, among others. Knitting a muffler is the best project to start knitting anything, but you will need proper guidance to start it. So, read this article on how to make a handmade woolen muffler, and you can make it for yourself. 

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