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What are legwarmers?

Legwarmers are like large socks for your legs. They go from your ankles all the way up to your knees or your thighs. They are knitted from wool and help keep your legs warm during the winters. They act the same way as socks except they are thicker and cover more of your legs than socks do but don’t cover your feet.

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In the 1980s David Lee and Trisha Kate opened up a dancewear shop in New York after which legwarmers become a popular clothing item. They were worn by ballet dancers and other dancers to keep their legs warm and to help prevent cramping among injuries. They were worn with leggings, jeans and tights or as part of aerobic wear too.

They have recently become popular again among new parents as they can keep their babies warm while changing their diapers. It isn’t uncommon to see legwarmers being worn by girls, tweens, teens and even adults with various types of outfits. Legwarmers come in all colours and has become somewhat of a fashion statement. Celebrities like Jane Fonda, Cindy Lauper and Madonna made legwarmers a popular clothing which helped with its popularity.

Legwarmers can be paired with knee-high boots for a distinctive look. They can also help improve the grip when worn inside the boots. Matching your legwarmers with the rest of your outfit also makes you look more fashionable.

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Legwarmers while being a fashion accessory will always be an easy way to warm your legs during the winter. The fashion trend might or might not go out of style but legwarmers will still remain a popular item of clothing to ward off the cold.

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