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A fun chat with striving fashion designer Nitya Gurung

Nitya Fashion designer

Nitya Gurung is a striving fashion designer who believes that designing is more about the art and creativity that comes through the mix of things. The face of fashion has been changing when we talk about the Asian continent, especially Nepal. With globalization, there are a lot of opportunities for budding fashion designers if they have the hunger to make it work.

Nitya Gurung designs
Nitya’s design being used in Miss Nepal Supranational 2019

For many new fashion designers in the market of new designs, a lot of them have been inspired by Prabal Gurung. The talented fashion designer has been able to stand out from the rest. This has burned a new fire in Nitya, who wishes to make a name for herself and also the country in the future days. It will not be an easy task, but Nitya Gurung is born for the challenges.

Nitya Gurung has always proved that she is worth the time and respect. With the attitude to bring a change in the map of fashion, Nitya has been thinking differently since the day she started her fashion designing career.

What separates her from the rest of the pack is that she is willing to add handicrafts to the fashion design. A new thought to get the best of what is present around her. Nitya, in her heart, knows that Nepal can be known for the addition of handicrafts angle to fashion which is not a huge surprise.

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Her vision and the step-wise execution will relocate the hidden gems from the Nepalese societies. Nitya Gurung is foresighted and knows what she is doing with her career.

Nitya Fashion Designer
Shades of Women themed dress for the graduation program

This positive mindset will surely aspire to the upcoming breed of fashion designers. Being a fashion designer, according to Nitya, is not an easy task. Still, if you are absolutely willing to turn your passion into a livelihood, there is nothing in the world that will remain tough for you to achieve. Working hard, belief in the process, and the results will follow the mantra for Nitya.

In all of this sparkling lady’s fashion designing vision, we found some time to do a short and sweet Q and A session with Nitya. Her answers were honest, and it meant that she was bound for the sky-high glory. Let’s indulge in the queries and their thoughtful answers from Nitya Gurung.

Q and A session with Nitya Gurung

What do fashion and design mean to you?

I think fashion is an art, and our body is a canvas, but basically, fashion is an ongoing trend. For me, fashion designing is a creation of new ideas and also the visual representation of how a creative designer is.

  • What led you to pursue this career?

Love for fashion, art, new creation, and colors.

  • Who is your fashion/inspiration/favorite brand/designer or particular style?

My greatest inspiration is Prabal Gurung. I used to admire his designs since I was 15, and the main thing that inspired me was him being Nepali and doing so great in the fashion industry. Likewise, I don’t have any favorite brand, but I love street-style fashion very much.

  • What are your long-term goals in fashion design?

I want the world to know the beauty of handicrafts in the fashion industry. In like manner, I would love to work on sustainable and handcrafted fashion.

  • Can you talk about some of the projects you have worked with?

I’ve worked with Samsara creation which supports handcrafted, recycled, and sustainable fashion. I also did my work on my graduation show, Mr and Miss Nepal Hospitality, in 2019. What adds value to my work CV is the work with Nepal Idol season 1 and Miss Supranational Nepal 2019.

Adding into the places or projects, I have worked with, there was a pleasure in interning at Everest Fashion. It is known as one of the largest handicrafts industries in Nepal.

  • What led you to work with Woolmandu?

The biggest reason for working with Woolmandu is due to its ethics. Woolmandu is known to support sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, which attracted me to work with this company.

  • Tell us a bit about your time with woolmandu.

Associating with Woolmandu has been fun and interesting. I got the chance to learn many things about natural fibers, markets, and the differences between natural and man-made fibers. It’s fun working with Woolmandu because I get to explore my ideas in my own way, and I get to play with designs and colors as well.

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Samina Bajracharya: Know the Aspiring Designer Better

Samina Bajracharya Bio

Samina Bajrracharya is a new face in the world of fashion is changing pretty quickly. When we look into the fashion world a decade back things aren’t the same. A lot of changes have come into the tip of the fingers. Samina Bajracharya would surely know that.

One can see the vivid changes in the mix of things with ease. It is never an easier task to be part of the trendy fashion world. All it requires is the need to work well and also be updated with the changes. If you have the right mindset and also the will to make a name in the international market anything is sought to be possible.

In the quest of knowing the upcoming fashion world up close, a friendly chat with the recent graduate is a must. We found time to talk with one of the emerging fashion designers Samina Bajracharya about it.

Samina Bajracharya’s created dress for the photoshoot with ECS Magazine 2017

The fashion sense in the Nepalese context has gone to another level pretty soon. With the likes of Prabal Gurung getting the required popularity with the talent more of the local experts and designers have put their hand up. We have found our time to interact with one of the aspiring designers this time around.

Samina has been one of the go-to and friendly personalities who found some time for us. She is a graduate who loves to be up close with the fashion world almost all the time. Her young mindset and insight into the changing fashion world will indulge you to the core.

Although Samina is not associated with Woolmandu at the moment, the fashion designer did well during her time. Her tenure at Woolmandu from July 2021 ended in January 2022. It was a glorious association for the period of six months

It was a healthy session with a talented graduate who was more than keen to share her insights with the Woolmandu family. The diva was all open and willing to share the information and also the wisdom. Her wisdom came from her journey as being a designer graduate. A tough journey for the beautiful outcome. She further commented it was not easy but the result of the dedication to the goal was totally worth it.

Samina Bajracharya designer dress
Samina Bajracharya’s designer dress during the graduation program

For all the keen readers we have prepared some Q and A which might help you to know the upcoming designer pretty well.

Q and A session with Samina Bajracharya

  • What do fashion and fashion design mean to you?

Fashion for me is a lifestyle and fashion designing is something you create to enhance your lifestyle. It focuses on expressing your inner beauty.

  • What led you to pursue this career? 

I grew up in an environment where my father was a cap maker and my maternal side of the family-owned a fabric shop. And I always have been a curious person. So, this has led me into designing. A passion that might have come from the family gene.

  • Who is your fashion inspiration/favorite brand/designer or any particular style?

I really don’t have a particular favorite fashion brand. But I do follow DIOR & Prabal Gurung.

  • What are your long-term goals in fashion design?

To create women empowered organization. Fashion designing is one of the many dreams but the empowerment of women in this particular field is a must.

  • What led you to work with Woolmandu?

As I was into fabrics,  wool was something new to me. As a result, I was willing to push my limits in the field of creativity.

  • Tell us a bit about your time with Woolmandu

Working in Woolmandu was a completely new experience. I learn a lot about the market, wool & how the manufacturing of a wool product is processed.

Can you talk about some of the projects you’ve worked with?

  • Khadi Nepal 2019 (volunteer)
  • Ms & Mr. Hospitality 2019(Wardrobe Designer)
  • Miss Supranational Nepal 2021 (National costume)